VR Audiomixer

This is the practical work I did for my bachelor’s thesis at the University of applied science Darmstadt. My goal was to build a VR-Application as a proof of concept in which it is possible to place and mix sound sources directly in the 3d space.

There are two modes to choose from:

In the Play Mode (video above) the user can just experience the 3D audio and play with the sound sources to get familiar with the material and the spatialization.

In the Test Mode (video below) the user has to detect the direction from which a invisible sound source is playing. After locking in the assumed direction, the angular distance between the users choice and the real sound source is measured to determine a final score after eight rounds.

I chose Musique Concrète as the sound material to be played from the sources. That way I could produce signals with broader frequency bands which are easier to locate using binaural synthesis. The application runs on the Oculus Rift and was developed using Unreal Engine 4 with Audiokinetic’s Wwise and the Oculus Spatializer Plugin for binaural 3D audio. Everything was developed, designed and produced by myself.

A slightly modified version could also be checked out at the exhibition “Perspektiven - Immersive Ausstellung” at the Foyer of the Statetheater Darmstadt in February 2018.

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