Out Of Place

Out of Place is a Third-Person Action Adventure RPG, which focuses on a captivating atmosphere as well as intensive and action-packed combat. The player guides Simon through the ruins of a destroyed civilization, fights against enemies and improves his abilities. He is accompanied by the Orb, a small sphere powered by a mysterious energy, which Simon picks up at the beginning of his journey. To use his abilities the player is able to call the orb menu. In this immersive UI the player can slot runes, small stones with signs of an odd language, to use them afterwards in battle or to interact with the environment.

This demo was achieved with Unreal Engine 4 and Audiokinetic’s Wwise. It was developed by a small team of students of the Games Master at HAW Hamburg as their graduation project.

This project also won the Bluebyte Newcomer Award of 2018 at the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis.

Student project at HAW Hamburg

Roles: Sound Design, Foley, Implementation

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